Hornets News · Student Athlete Registration Packet 2018-19

Students who are interested in participating in sports at Lincoln High School can download the LHS Athletic Registration Packet 2018-19 below for a step-by-step procedure:

  1. LHS Athletic Registration Packet 2018-19

Below are a list of forms that you are required to complete and turn into your Head Coach/AD/AD Assistant.  All documents must be completed in order to be cleared to participate:

  1. 2018-19 Athletic Physical and Transportation Form – ALL pages contained in this packet must be filled out completely along with signatures and dates from both the parent/guardian and student.
  2. Heart Information Sheet 2018 (English) or Heart Information Sheet 2018 (Spanish) – Please select the language suitable for you and your parent/guardian complete, sign and date.
  3. (Sport Specific) Confirmation Page – Upon completion of all requirements of registering for each sport, you will need to print out the Confirmation page, sign and dated by both the parent and student.  A sample of the confirmation page can be found in the LHS Athletic Registration Packet 2018-19.


Q: How do I upload my Physical after I created an account?

  1. Log in to your athleticclearance.com account
  2. In the “Student Info” Column, click the yellow pencil
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page – Where it says “Upload Physical Form” – click the [Browse] button.
  4. Find your Physical form from where you saved it on your computer, click [Open]
  5. Click [Save] button

Q: How do I register for additional Sports?

A:  Once you complete a clearance for one sport, most of the information you have entered will be retained in the system.  To register for an additional sport, select [Clearances] at the top and then [Start Clearance Here]!  After entering the year, school and additional sport, most of your information will auto fill.

Q: How long are Physicals good for?

A:  Physicals are typically good for one year but must be redone by a given date provided by SDUSD each school year.

Q: How do I print out the Confirmation Page?

A:  Upon completion of registration of each sport, you are required to print out the Confirmation Page(s) and provide them to the Head Coach of each sport.

  1. Login to your athleticclearance.com account. This will take you to your Clearances Page:
  2. Then click on [View] (Sport specific) located under the Confirmation column for that particular sport.
  3. Click on the [Print] button located at the bottom of the page.