Hornets News · Watch our Home Games LIVE via NFHS for FREE!

Hornet Fans!

Watch our HOME Games LIVE via the NFHS Network for games scheduled in the NEW GYM and Football Field for FREE!  Our district has made a deal with NFHS so that you can watch your favorite HORNET play by play and free of charge.

  1. The following won’t apply under the free of charge option:
    1. If a school plays a team outside the District.
    2. If an affiliate of NFHS picks up a game within the District (most likely for football).
    3. If there are playoff games/postseason events.

*All of these contests will require a monthly subscription this school year.

  1. Fans will need to create an account on the NFHS Network to watch the games.  That account is free to make with a prompt for people to subscribe as well (so some may elect to do that).
  2. Here is a flyer and directions that you can share with your students, families, community members, etc.