Cheer Information

As a Lincoln cheerleader, you will learn what it means to be a part of something truly special; a member of a squad that is hardworking, dedicated, motivated and filled with school spirit. You will come to experience firsthand the respect and honor that accompanies the wearing of a Lincoln cheerleading uniform. The spotlight will be on you as you proudly represent all that is admired about our school (to be recognized internationally as the exemplary, comprehensive educational experience for the multifaceted student). With that said, please take this opportunity to read carefully, with your parent or guardian, the information enclosed in this letter. It spells out the responsibilities and level of commitment that is expected of you as a Lincoln cheerleader.

Cheerleading is, no doubt, an exciting and fun sport. It is exciting for the fans in the stands to watch, and fun for you (the cheerleader) to perform on the field. However, it is not a sport that is designed for everyone. The routines and stunts that we perform on the field take a lot of time and practice, and can be quite demanding. Your scheduled activities for the year may include after-school practice, school pep-rallies, fundraisers, football games, basketball games, and competitions. You will be expected to participate in each of these activities. Please keep this in mind as you discuss your options with your parent or guardian.

As a final note, please understand that if you are selected to become a member of our team, and you are unable to fulfill your commitment throughout the year, it will likely have a profound impact on the entire squad. Therefore, please carefully consider your choice before signing up. Once selected, you will be expected to maintain a rigorous academic course load and fulfill your personal cheerleading financial obligations; to include outside commitments.

We look forward to an exciting tryout clinic and wish each of you the best of luck!

LHS Cheer Team:

Tisha Rogers, Coach *Sheronna Dangerfield, Coach*

Alison Middleton, Advisor *David Fai, Athletic Director*

It’s all about the Kelly Green and White !   

Pick up Packets from LHS Main office in CHEER BOX or Link below.

Application for Sideline Cheer Tryouts: LHS Sideline Cheer Tryout Packet 19-20

All documents are due by Wednesday, May 1, 2019