COVID-19 Athletics @ Lincoln High School

LHS Sports COVID Coaches Guidelines – Available for students and parents reference to review again after parent/student meeting.  I’ve also broken down the slides to provide links to information provided.

All links in the above pic are found below in the order they are presented!

  • (DSC) Daily Student Athlete Symptom Checklist: This checklist MUST be completed and returned to your Coach upon your first day of conditioning/practice.  You will not be admitted on campus without the completed form turned in.  Afterwards, you can then begin using the ClearPass App via your smart phone for daily check-ins going forward.
  • ClearPass (Automated process) – This checklist is intended to be conducted by student prior to attending conditioning at school sites.  The student will be required to complete the Finalized Daily Student Athlete Symptom Checklist (002) if he is not able to show clearance on their electronic device (requires parent signature).
  • MEDICAL REFERRAL for POST COVID-19 STUDENTS: Have you ever had a diagnosis of COVID-19 or ever tested positive for COVID-19   ❏ YES  ❏ NO If a student answers “YES” to this question on the Daily Symptoms Checklist for Athletics, THEN they must do one of the two items below:
    • They can have this form filled out by a doctor to resume participation Medical Referral for Post COVID-19 Students.
    • They can have a form provided by the doctor that is similar.
  • Monday Weekly COVID-19 Testing w/ UCSD: UCSD is offering weekly COVID-19 Testing for Coaching Staff and Student Athletes beginning Monday, March 1, 2021 between the hours of 1pm – 3pm!  Click the link for more details!  This will become mandatory beginning Monday, March 8, 2021!
  • (ICP) Parent Informed Consent for Minor Athletics: Here is the link to the district approved informed consent document that must be filled out by ALL Students that are participating in sports that are in the red, orange or yellow tiers. Head Coaches are to keep the informed consent  forms in a secure location in case they are needed.
  • (PBC) 2020-21 COVID-19 Athletic Probationary Period Contract – Due to COVID-19, SDUSD is extending its probationary contract to ALL grade levels.  The probationary contract is only good for the current ineligible grade period of one season of sport for the 2020-21 school yearAgain, can only be used one time!
  • Carpool Transportation of Athletes to Games (COVID-19 Pandemic): 
Health & Safety Measures