Heads Up Football Certification

Important information about Heads Up Football Certification for Football Coaches:

  • Heads Up Football Certification runs via the calendar year of January-December.  This means that any of the 4 courses completed in the year current year (ex. 2018) will count towards your coaches certification of the same year (ex. 2018-19 season).
  • All certifications end on December 31st of the same calendar year.
  • The training includes:
    1. *Blocking, Tackling and Equipment Fitting course ($10 cost covered by the district via certification code sent to you by email)
    2. Concussion in Sports course (free)
    3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest course (free)
    4. Heat Illness Prevention course (free)

    Note: *The district covers cost of the Blocking, Tackling and Equipment Fitting course by providing you a certification code via valid email address.  The district is unable to reimburse you if purchased by you.

  • Q&A
    • Q: If my coaches took the Concussion in Sports and Sudden Cardiac Arrest courses last year and they’re good for two years, do they need to take them again this year?
    • A: YES.  They need to take all 4 courses to become Heads Up Football certified on a annual basis in order to activate the insurance of being Heads Up Football certified.  Taking only two of the four courses in a given year will not qualify you as Heads Up Football certified and the additional insurance will not apply.