Student Athlete Physicals @ Lincoln HS!

Lincoln Hornet’s!

We are pleased to inform you that The San Ysidro Health Clinic will be opening back up on campus to conduct physical screenings by appointment only very soon!  In the meantime, King Chavez has stepped in to offer physicals free of charge while San Ysidro is preparing to reopen the on campus clinic as early as March 4, 2021.  King Chavez will be offering physicals by appointment only during school hours so you must have your parent/guardian with you at your appointment.  To obtain a FREE physical, simply complete the first 3 documents below and email them to Nurse Bree via email at  I recommend you using a pdf reader so that you can input directly into the document and save the information so that it’s easier to attach via email.  Nurse Bree also stated that you can take pictures of the documents and email them to her that way as well.  She will submit your documents to King Chavez/San Ysidro Health Clinic and provide you the next steps in setting up an appointment for your physical.  Lastly, download item 4, the Physical Packet, and fill out ALL PAGES of the document to bring with you to your physical appointment.  Upon completion of the physical, make a copy of the original documents to keep for your records and supply a copy to your Head Coach, AD Fai and or Lori Serrano so that we can complete the clearance process and get you on your way to your favorite sport!

  1. 2013_HIPAA – Authorization for Release of Information – BILINIGUAL – HIPAA required document.
  2. Release Form ALHS English 2018   Release Form ALHS Spanish 2018  – This is the Parent/Legal Guardian Release and Waiver of Claims document.
  3. Consent Form ALHS English 2018   Consent Form ALHS Spanish 2018 – Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Form document.
  4. SDUSD Athletic Physical Packet 2020-21 – This Physical Packet must be used to conduct your screening.  Failure to use this document will result in you having to return back to the clinic to have them transcribe and stamp the correct documents.

(Hardcopies of the above documents can be picked up on campus.  The documents are located in the 600 building staff mailbox area)

Once the San Ysidro Health Clinic is opened back on campus, you will still provide the completed documents to Nurse Bree so that she can submit your documents and coordinate the appointment with you.  The number to the San Ysidro Health Clinic is (619) 266-6500 Ext. 3502.  The Clinic is located in the 100 building Room 138.  Please follow the COVID-19 Lincoln HS guidelines upon entering and exiting campus.  Only the student athlete will be allowed to enter campus during their scheduled physical.