Transfer Eligibility Process

Transfer Eligibility CIFSDS – A student who participates in an interscholastic athletic contest or attends a school shall be considered enrolled in that school and shall be classified as a transfer student if the student subsequently enrolls at another school.  Please review the handbooks located in the link below to direct you to the CIF San Diego Section Transfer Eligibility page to better understand the transfer eligibility process and procedures.

There you will find links to:

You can also access the additional forms linked below should you need access to them.

Eligibility Forms:

Transfer: Valid Change of Residence -Full Family Move 

CIFSDS will be requiring additional documentation, per CIF Bylaws, in order to approve valid changes of residence for students seeking athletic eligibility for the 2019-20 school year.  The linked document below is the checklist that is required to be used and submitted for all valid changes of residence.

Full Family Move Documentation Checklist